This is one of my favourite images of my little sausage dog from the new book Siggy Loves Sausages.

Wait, because…

It’s still a sketch, so I apologise for it being a little off-centre in the post.

But, he really looks like a very happy wee chappie, doesn’t he?

I hope you agree though – that the picture is just charming – and if you do you’ll understand why I I felt I had to show it to you now.

Even at the risk of making a bit of a nonsense of my title which, I suppose, is a play on the “let sleeping dogs lie” phrase that tells us to “keep your powder dry until the right moment”…

So, er… diem that carpe

On the other hand, I’m impulsive and I prefer the adage:

“Perfect inaction is the enemy of imperfect action!”

In other words, you’ll never seize the day, if you don’t just go for it.

I’m not sure about the carp. Are we talking about fish now?

Anyway, fishy diversions aside, I think I was saying one needs to “just do it”…

Okay, Go For It…

So, “Publish and be damned!” as Siggy just whispered to my subconscious.

As he’s sleeping, and is, in fact, a cartoon doggie maybe I should just end this here.

Now, Sit Down!

Where I’m from (in Ireland) they’d say “Be wheesht!” and that I may have “taken the ‘head-staggers’” and, in all honesty, I do probably need a nice cup of tea… ☺

Okay. But…

Still. It’s a really little picture, isn’t it? ☺

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