So, the editor has made corrections. The writer (me) has agreed them, and batted ideas back and forth.

The final draft has been laid out, and after a little snafu, we are off “at the races” as we build the illustrations from sketches into the full artwork.

Lights, Camera, “Action…”

Here’s a quick little glimpse of one of the pieces of art as it moves from sketch outline to full illustration.


This is, basically, the “inciting incident” in the story. It’s where “the thing” happens that compels Siggy to get involved and try to rescue the situation.

The odds look bad. I mean, this is a high-flying paper bag, and he is but a tiny dachshund, with a big heart.


Despite his size and the stacked deck, Siggy heeds the call to action and off he runs “into battle”. He always wants to help his friends, you see.

“This seems like an impossible conundrum for a sausage dog to solve. How will he prevail?” I hear you ask.


Well, you’ll just have to stay tuned! ☺

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