So, every morning I do a thing called “530”. This means a minimum of 500 words, and then 30 mins min of reading about “the craft”…

This is part of this mornings 530… Excuse the formatting. This WP editor is crap for this…

Rhyming One Time

Rhyming Just one time for now

Finding the right timing all somehow

Writing a story with a rhyme

Filling up all the 30 min time

I have a rhyming dictionary

Does anything rhyme with dictionary

Not dictionary

Maybe fairy. Or lairy. Or hairy

Ok, so now we are running out of things to say

There’ll be no story anyway

For sure no tale from this today

I may as well just go away

Should I try something else

Again not sure what to rhyme with else

Maybe we can take some words from the shelce

And put them in as nonsenselse

And gire and gimbal all along

As if no real words wasn’t wrong

A sort of little nonsense song

All the living day for living long

Does it even matter now?

As we are training ourselves to think of how

We’re repeating rhyming cadence

Or putting in rhyming nonsense

It’s easy enough to bowl on with this

And it’s something of a piece of piss

But how about making of it a fist

Of sense and story from the first?

It’s not so easy now – or is it?

Something, something, something… shit

I may just stop now, isn’t it?

And try again to make a story fit

Well, we’ve filled up nearly half the count

Of words – which is an fair amount

And now a rest and then surmount

The problem of the story fount…

In twenty minutes, this aint bad

And it’s the first try that I’ve had

So, perhaps I shouldn’t now be sad

Though publishing it would  just be… mad!

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