It’s Written…

So… Now the prequel is written. It has been given a bit of a revision or two. And now it is with an Editor.

Not just any editor, but a very eminent one, with decades of experience in publishing. So…

It Will Be Up Soon…

And you’ll be able to download it and read it (I say to a waiting world, holding its breath in anticipation).

It will?… Hang on… What IS “IT” Again?

Whaddya mean, “What is it?” It’s the prequel to Siggy Loves Sausages, of course.

Actually, it’s the prequel to all the Siggy stories that are coming, but then again, I know a lot more about that than you do. Or at least I do for now…

So, anyway.

There’s a prequel to my book which isn’t out yet. The prequel. Actually the book too…

Big Deal…

Well, yes and no. I mean it’s no big deal right now. But I hope it will be.

And anyway, I need it to make sense of my website which has at least two prominent exhortations for readers to download “my exclusive prequel” on the home page alone.

Deal or No Deal?

It’d seem a shame to offer it so enthusiastically and then fail to provide it.

The very opposite of “Underpromise and Overdeliver” in fact.

We don’t want to do do that.

Alright. Deal then…

No, we don’t.

So we won’t. ☺

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