Siggy Saves Christmas

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A perfect gift for Christmas, full of kindness and hope…


Siggy is enchanted by his walk in a shimmering, sparkling winter wonderland. It’s almost Christmas and he feels he couldn’t be happier!

But then something goes wrong.
VERY wrong!

Siggy is tasked with saving Christmas. But can he do it?

Find out in a fast paced, magical tale – all about the true meaning of Christmas, helping others and being kind...

1 review for Siggy Saves Christmas

  1. Harvinder

    We are massive fans of Brian Fredrick’s Siggy books. I love how he uses such descriptive language that creates such magical and heartwarming books.

    Siggy Saves Christmas, is about a little sausage dog called Siggy. When he goes on a wintry walk, he finds as baby Robin redbreast all alone in the snow. The Robin was cold and hurt. Siggy knew he had to help the little Robin, and he enlists the help of a magical woodland sprite called Anya. She would be able to heal the Robin’s wing and help find his Mum and Dad.

    This book captures the essence of Christmas. You can feel the love and kindness flow through every page. It’s the perfect book to snuggle down and read with your little ones.

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