Siggy the Soccer Dog

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“Siggy is the Georgie best of soccer playing dogs” – Angie Best


Siggy looks so cute as he twitches and turns in his sleep.

But as they watch him, little do the family know that in his dream he is “Siggy Sosidj” the star player for Manchester United. It’s up to Siggy to rescue his team in the biggest game of his life. But can he do it?

Join Siggy and a multi-national cast of doggie players to find out - in a fast-paced, beautifully illustrated tale about overcoming the odds, staying true to your purpose and being kind...

1 review for Siggy the Soccer Dog

  1. Harvinder

    Siggy The Soccer Dog – Brian Frederick

    Siggy is back woohoo. The detail in the illustrations in this were incredible and I couldn’t help zooming in and looking at everything from the detail in the players names to the billboards #onelove!

    If you have a dog you’ll instantly appreciate this and all the quirks your very own Siggy does. I loved the emphasis on the sounds and couldn’t help doing them in my mind as I was reading through the pages. Although my kids are a little bit too big to appreciate Siggy I think I definitely appreciated him the most. I did wonder how many football fanatics would be insulted by the choice of team though. That’s the humour in me right there. Especially with the history of United and City.

    I actually think I learned a bit more about football on top of now having the need to want to watch Mary Poppins. I loved how the author shows that females can play football and be refs too. Key message there for the children. Be anything you want to be. My favourite was definitely Jane Jet mainly because I got a collie myself. You can really tell the author is a football fan. I absolutely thrived off the suspense and intensity for a children’s book and this was some entertainment happening right there on the pages. Brilliant.

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